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Self-Injectable Prostacyclin Analogues for PAH

In September 2012, we announced that we signed an exclusive agreement with Ascendis Pharma A/S (Ascendis Pharma) to apply Ascendis Pharma’s proprietary TransCon technology platform to our treprostinil molecule. We believe that the TransCon technology platform may enable a sustained release of a novel, carrier  linked product, which will significantly enhance the delivery of treprostinil by establishing a once-daily, self-injectable alternative for patients who currently administer Remodulin through a continuous infusion pump for the treatment of PAH. We expect that this self-injectable form of treprostinil could enable patients to avoid infusion site pain associated with subcutaneous Remodulin. Under this agreement, we also intend to pursue development of a TransCon technology enabled sustained release formulation of beraprost, which is another prostacyclin analogue, as discussed here