Silver Spring, MD

Our Silver Spring co-headquarters houses office, laboratory, and manufacturing spaces where we produce treprostinil and Unituxin® and conduct ex-vivo lung perfusion procedures. This location also includes our Unisphere, a 135,000 square foot site net-zero office building.

Photo of the Silver Spring, Maryland co-headquarters location of United Therapeutics

Research Triangle Park, NC

Our RTP co-headquarters houses office, laboratory, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces that include our Orenitram® manufacturing line and our Regenerative Medicine Laboratory.

Photo of the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina co-headquarters location of United Therapeutics

Melbourne, FL

Our Melbourne facility, a net-zero site, houses our ASSIST (Access Solutions and Support Team) call center, which helps our patients obtain access to their prescribed therapies.

Photo of the Melbourne, Florida location of United Therapeutics which houses the ASSIST team

Jacksonville, FL

As part of a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, we constructed the Discovery and Innovation Center, which houses a site net-zero laboratory facility for ex-vivo lung perfusion and Mayo’s Innovation Exchange, a life sciences incubator.

Photo of the Jacksonville, Florida location of United Therapeutics

Manchester, NH

Our combined office and laboratory Manchester facility houses our Organ Manufacturing Group, where we manufacture 3D-printed organ scaffolds for the manufactured organs being developed for transplant.

Photo of the Manchester, New Hampshire location of United Therapeutics

Washington, D.C.

Our Washington, D.C. office is the birthplace of United Therapeutics and houses our legal and creative departments.

Photo of the Washington, D.C. location of United Therapeutics

Bromont, Quebec

Our Bromont facility houses our Unither Bioelectronics Inc. subsidiary, which is focused on developing environmentally friendly aircraft for the delivery of manufactured organs.

Photo of the Bromont, Quebec location of United Therapeutics

Additionally, we have valued Unitherians working across the US, Canada, and UK in support of our mission of medicines for life!


  • Lung Bioengineering Inc.
  • Lung Biotechnology PBC
  • Revivicor, Inc.
  • Unither Bioelectronics Inc.