Support Programs

Archways Educational Resource and Support Program

Archways is a convenient educational resource and support program for patients who have been prescribed inhaled or oral treprostinil and their caregivers. Archways offers useful information about your condition and treatment - plus it gives you the opportunity to talk one-on-one with a United Therapeutics Patient Educator over the phone or via video chat.


United Therapeutics and the Archways program do not provide medical advice. You are advised to consult with your Healthcare Provider with any specific questions or concerns about your treatment.

UT ASSIST Access Solutions and Support Team

United Therapeutics has established the ASSIST, Access Solutions and Support Team, program to help patients and customers navigate questions about access to UT medicines. ASSIST also serves as a single point of contact to ensure efficient and timely distribution of our medicines. ASSIST provides support for the following:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Patient Resources

My Old Meds

As part of United Therapeutics’ unwavering commitment to protecting the global environment, we are working with the Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Work Group (PPSWG) to help patients securely store and dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription and over-the-counter medicines through a program called

The website provides information about taking medicines as prescribed, tips for storing medicine securely, and disposing of medicines in specially designed kiosks. The Kiosk Site Locator on provides a map of kiosk sites located in pharmacies and law enforcement locations throughout the U.S. that you can visit to safely dispose of medicines. Information found on will be updated on a regular basis.


PPSWG has compiled the list of kiosk sites based on publicly available information for your convenience but does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information. PPSWG does not endorse and denies any responsibility or liability for the kiosk sites listed, or for processes they employ for collection, transportation, treatment or disposal of the medicines they collect.

United Therapeutics Corporation Expanded Access Program for an Investigational Drug

Expanded access, also known as compassionate use, may be an option for a limited number of individuals with serious or life-threatening conditions, who have exhausted all available medical options and do not qualify for a clinical trial. In such rare cases, regulators may grant permission for United Therapeutics to provide a treating physician with an unapproved drug for that patient. It is important, however, to remember that investigational drugs have not yet received local regulatory authority approval; potential risks and benefits have not yet been established. Doctors and patients should consider all possible benefits and risks when seeking expanded access to an unapproved product.

In making decisions about expanded access, United Therapeutics considers the patient’s case and the available medical and scientific information about the investigational medicine, while ensuring that expanded access is administered ethically, maintaining fairness, promoting good, and minimizing the risk of harm for both current and future patients.

For more information about our Expanded Access Program, physicians may contact United Therapeutics at (phone/fax) 1-877-522-2950 or (email)