Medical Education Grants and Scientific Sponsorships

United Therapeutics Corporation recognizes the importance of, and is committed to, providing grant support to educate healthcare professionals and enhance patient care.

To ensure that every request is thoroughly reviewed, and all applicant questions are answered, please submit requests to United Therapeutics at least 60 days prior to the program start date.

Types of Activities We Support

Medical Education Grants

Funding provided by United Therapeutics to an independent third party for scientific or medical educational activities (either accredited or non-accredited) that are non-promotional and developed by the third party without influence or control from United Therapeutics.

Funding is available for the following medical education objectives:

  • Explore clinical data related changes to right heart structure & function in PH patients.
  • Improve management of adverse events associated with various PAH therapies, particularly prostacyclin-class therapies.
  • Improve screening and timely diagnosis of PH in ILD patients and increase awareness of treatment approaches.
  • Recognize the importance of routine and formal risk assessment in PAH patients and the triggers and timing of therapy escalation.
  • Understand how the presence of pulmonary hypertension impacts outcomes of patients with interstitial lung disease.
  • Understand the key recommendations of the 2022 ESC/ERS PH Guidelines and how they apply to clinical practice.

Scientific Sponsorships

Funding provided by United Therapeutics to national medical societies, national patient organizations, or similar major healthcare-related entities where only HCPs are in attendance.

In exchange, United Therapeutics receives direct tangible benefits such as corporate recognition, advertising, banners, signage, booth space and conference registration at a medical congress, society meeting, or similar event.

For medical education and scientific sponsorship questions, please email

Feedback to Your Organization

Once you submit your application, you will receive automatic notifications from United Therapeutics as follows:

  • Email notification providing confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted for review.
  • Email notification upon completion of the review process, indicating whether your application was either accepted for funding or not funded.

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