Humanitarianism & Environmentalism


Our company supports the common good in the communities where we live and work. We give back to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Urban Ministries, The Children’s Inn at NIH, The White Lodge Centre, Backpack Buddies, schools in our local communities, and many more. Our annual Community Service Day provides meaningful assistance and support to charitable organizations in our communities while fostering a spirit of volunteerism in our employees. Giving back is the Unitherian way. It is part of who we are.


United Therapeutics (UT) has an overarching commitment to environmental sustainability. This commitment is reflected in the development of our primary campuses in Silver Spring, Maryland and Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Durham, North Carolina.

Our integrated approach to facility design embraces advances in technology, respect for nature, and a “health-positive” workplace. Our buildings allow employees to work in several interior and exterior settings, including focus rooms, offices, conference rooms, outdoor patios and green roof terraces. These terraces also help to reduce rainwater run-off, and contribute to overall stormwater management.

At UT, we believe that the reduction of the carbon footprint of the community benefits us all. We encourage our employees to walk and bike to work, or to enjoy reduced fees if they elect to take public transportation. Additionally, our solar panels, parking decks equipped with electric car charging stations, and office furniture constructed from renewable and environmentally-friendly materials, help to make our facilities as eco-friendly as possible.

Hamilton NAKI

United Therapeutics Corporation proudly sponsors the Hamilton Naki-MESAB-United Therapeutics Scholarship at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The scholarship was created in 2007 in order to provide medical students with all-expense paid scholarships to attend all six years of medical school at UCT. We came to partner with UCT through the inspired work of Dr. Louis Sullivan, a member of our Board of Directors.

The Hamilton Naki-MESAB-United Therapeutics Scholarship is named in honor of Hamilton Naki. Naki has become a famous symbol of heart transplantation in South Africa. History places him as a close collaborator with Dr. Christian Barnard when he performed the first heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa in 1967. Naki is recognized in many circles to have directly assisted Dr. Barnard as an integral part of the surgical team. In later years, he was widely honored and decorated for his roles as teacher, trainer and surgical assistant, even though he was overlooked during the apartheid years in South Africa. Naki was the recipient of the Order of Mapungubwe, South Africa's highest honor, in 2002 and was awarded an honorary Master of Science in Medicine by UCT in 2003. Naki died in 2005.