Diversity & Inclusion is in our DNA

United Therapeutics has a mission: to address the unmet medical needs of patients with chronic and life-threatening diseases. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is inextricably linked to this mission, as we cannot achieve these goals without a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diverse and inclusive teams ensure that we have varied perspectives to help us drive innovation, solve complex problems, address the needs of patients and health care providers, and create a culture and environment in which our employees will grow and thrive.

Our Profile

985 employees

Workforce Diversity

51% identify as women

36% identify as racially/ethnically diverse


46% identify as women

29% identify as racially/ethnically diverse

Board Diversity

42% identify as women

25% identify as racially/ethnically diverse

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Cover of the United Therapeutics 2023 Corporate Responsibility and Public Benefit Corporation Report 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

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